NOTE: T-Shirts are in, I will ship out shirts Tuesday

We thought a lot of students would enjoy expressing their feelings about the parking lot. To that end, we have produced some items that you may enjoy. :) Sorry, but we will only ship to US addresses.

Aoid shipping charges! If you live within a few miles and would like to avoid shipping charges or paying online, please send an email to to arrange an appointment to pick one up, or we can meet you on campus. Our new RSO, Students Against Wasteful Spending (SAWS) is planning on selling these on the parking lot in the near future as well.

Buy Online

Raise awareness about the ugly parking lot by wearing this not-so ugly shirt! Each shirt has the logo (shown to the left) on the front of the shirt. We currently only have one style of shirt available, but more colors and styles will be available depending on demand.

$9.99 each.

If you're a local merchant and you're interested in carrying these shirts, contact us for details!